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Pi Measure

Product specification



without case, but only πM-100,πM-100S,πM-200,πM-200S
πM-300,πM-300S are each in a special Aluminum case

Standard tension : 10N at 20

Diameter tape is calibrated by 0.2mm, and Circumference tape by 1.0mm

Tape Width 7.0mm(Reading Part : 14mm)
Tape Thickness 0.1mm
Tape material Black Steel tape
 Tape Material:SK-85
Note πM-31S·31S, πM-51S·51S,πM-100S,πM-200S,πM-300S : Diameter Calibration only

πM-31,51,100,200,300 : Both Diameter and Circumference Calibration

Model numbers
Model No. Measurement Range(Diameter) Measurement Range(Circumference) Remark
πM- 31S    30mm -   100mm N/A (Not Available)  
πM- 31SⅡ  30mm -   100mm N/A (Not Available) Different direction
πM-  31    30mm -   100mm 100mm -   310mm  
πM- 51S    30mm -   160mm N/A (Not Available)  
πM- 51SⅡ  30mm -   160mm N/A (Not Available) Different direction
πM- 51     30mm -   160mm 100mm -   510mm  
πM-100     30mm -   330mm 100mm - 1000mm With Case
πM-200     30mm -   650mm 100mm - 2000mm With Case
πM-300     30mm - 1000mm 100mm - 3000mm With Case
πM-100S    30mm -   330mm N/A (Not Available) With Case
πM-200S    30mm -   650mm N/A (Not Available) With Case
πM-300S    30mm - 1000mm N/A (Not Available) With Case